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Online News – Analysing slideshows

I don’t like this slideshow. The pictures aren’t good enough. There are a few good pictures in there but overall the pitures are bad.

He mixes colour and black & white pictures. That looks corny and it don’t work for me at all. Most of the time, it works best if you stick to either colour or black & white. As a rule, don’t mix the two.

The audio quality is also pretty bad. I can’t believe I actually watched the whole thing. I think that was only because I was looking for examples of bad slideshows.

To be honest, I don’t really have much positive feedback for this guy. Better luck next time, dude.

I like this slideshow. Most of the pictures match the audio. So although some of the pictures are pretty average, it don’t matter that much. She is telling a story about her family and the average picture quality just made it more real.

If I was her I would have replaced some of the pictures, especially, the once were you only see the back of people. Although this doesn’t face me too much I think it would be better if we saw their faces. Faces can tell you a lot.

Now, over to the audio. I think the audio was pretty average but then again this made it more real.

The length of the slideshow was good. Not too long. I think a slideshow should be around 3 minutes. If they are much longer than 3 minutes they have a tendency of getting a bit boring. So this is definitely something to think about when we are making our own slideshows.



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