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The audience of women in leadership roles in sport

My audience is women who are interested in a leadership role in the sporting industry. All of these women have a passion for sport. They either play, watch, read or write about sport. Or they may do all of the above.

Basketballer Danielle Adams Creator: cvorhisphoto

Sport Hydrant is an Australian online community for everyone that are interested in sport. But they have their own section called Sport for Women. This section has its own twitter account @SportForWomen with nearly 2,000 followers. This is an indicator that women’s sport has an audience.

Netball is the biggest women’s sport in Australia with nearly 3,400 Twitter followers. But their Twitter account @NetballAust is not very interactive. It’s pretty much only publishing news. Same with the ESPN Twitter account for women’s basketball in the United States, @ESPN_WomenHoop.

So the key is to get all this sports loving women to follow and interact with the material you publish. Most of the participants in my area of interest respond to questions. So a good strategy for increasing interaction in my area of interest is to post questions on Twitter or Facebook to start discussions. Posting opinion pieces can also be good to generate discussion.

In my area of interest most of the material is published either in the morning or afternoon, which makes sense because this is when most people have time to consume news. So I need to publish material in the morning or afternoon to get the most hits.

The Sporting Sheilas Facebook page have more than 1,300 followers. This is a page that are promoting Australia’s national women’s sporting teams. You have to use the popularity of the national teams to your advantage when publishing material in the area of women’s sport. You need to think outside the box.

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