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Most common form of content in the area of women in leadership roles in sport

Creator: Sean MacEntee

The most common type of content if you look at it form a production based angle is text. There are not a lot of images, audio or video content around. So this is probably something I should look at incorporating into my website.

The reason why most of the content is text is because this is an area where most of the published material are reports or journal articles. There are a few news features and opinion pieces out there too but that’s not the common type of content.

Sports Hydrant is a community online where participants can register and post videos, photos, and write blog posts or participate in forums. This is an interactive website where the users are making most of the content provided. They have a section called Sport for Women where participants talk about all the issues surrounding women’s sport among them leadership.

Most of the content in the area of women in leadership roles in sport when looking at it from a time based angle is features. Features are something in between news and evergreen content.

A journal article or report will usually look at what has/is happening in the area its concentrating on and also look at new ways of exploring this area. In an area like women in leadership there is a lot we don’t know about WHY women are under-represented. That’s why we need research to be done in this area, and that’s the reason why most of the content are features.

There are some news stories out there too. But there is not often it is a major breakthrough in this area. Hence, not much new stuff to write about.

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