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Online News – Gender Bender Slideshow

As we started to edit audio and pictures for our slideshow it became obvious to us that our angle wasn’t very newsworthy. So we decided to make the slideshow about the event Gender Bender instead of Johnno Davis alias Pixie Darling.

After hours of editing we were all happy with the result and here it is.

Description: The University of Canberra hosted ‘Gender Bender’ with a red carpet entry and drag shows increasing student acceptance and diversity of different sexual orientations.

Slideshow Interview

Yesterday, 29 April 2011, Michael, Ella and I drove to a suburb in Canberra called Kambah to interview our slideshow talent.

Our talent is Johnno Davis alias Pixie Darling. Johnno explained to us that he is gay, not transsexual, and when he gets dressed up as Pixie Darling he is playing a role.

He told us that he first started performing as Pixie Darling a year ago. Jacqueline Hyde is Pixie Darling’s ‘drag mother’. A ‘drag mother’ is a person “who indoctrinates a young…drag queen in the ways of femininity”.

Johnno doesn’t do drag shows that often. He is a perfectionist so when he does drag show he wants them to be really good. The same goes for his stand-up comedy shows. Yeah, he does stand-up as well.

Johnno is also the karaoke host at the Irish Club in Weston on Friday nights. He is working in retail as well as being a real estate agent.

So Johnno is a busy young man but he seems to like it that way. He is a very outgoing and open person. He said he should have a TV show where he would convert people into liking gays, because he seems to be really good at that.

After our interview with Johnno we should have a lot of good audio and we good some good pictures as well. We also have the pictures of Pixie Darling at Gender Bender. So I expect that we should be able to put together an interesting slideshow.

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