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Online News – From the ‘Inverted Pyramid’ to ‘The News Diamond’

The online news environment and the print news environment are different. Paul Bradshaw saw this and thought of a new editorial process for writing a story in the online environment.

Creator: The Online Journalism Blog

Bradshaw based his model on the two main attributes on the Internet, speed and depth. On the Internet give you the opportunity to publish news faster. Just think about all the news websites online, they usually have a column for breaking news. But at the same time the Internet is a medium that potentially can make journalism broader and deeper.

The news diamond is better suited for today’s interactive journalism than the traditional inverted pyramid. In the 19th century writing news was producing an article, while today it’s more of a process. The 21st century journalists usually update their story several times, so it’s an ongoing process. As Bradshaw said the 21st century news story is “forever unfinished”.

If you want to know more about the news diamond have a look at Bradshaw’s post here.

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