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Sports Journalism – Reflection on making a TV story

I decided to make a profile piece on the Ice Dragons, a Canberra based dragon boating club. It was pretty easy to get in touch with the club and they were happy to talk to me.

The Australian Dragon Boat Championships were held in Canberra from March 30 to 3 April. I went along to talk to a few members of the club on April 1. They were all happy to talk to me so the interviews went well. I also got some great shots of them racing.

But when I got back to the University of Canberra I found that the shots from my interviews were not very good. It was too much head room on all of the shots, and they were all a bit dark. This was hard to see out in the field because of the sun on the screen. So this was the first downer.

Then I discovered that the format of my footage looked wrong when I imported it in to Final Cut Pro 6.0.5. This was the next downer. But shortly after I discovered that the format of my footage was right. Yay! What a relief!

I went along to the Championships again the next day (April 2) to talk to Ice Dragons’ Kel Watt. He was too busy to talk to me the day before, but I got him for 10 minutes this time.

Watt was a great talent. He knew a lot about the Ice Dragons and the sport. He is the president for the Canberra Dragon Boat Association and the Australian Dragon Boat Federation.

My biggest challenge on the second day was the piece to camera I had to do. I didn’t know what to say and it didn’t turn out as I wanted it to. My face was too dark in the shot. So this was the downer of the second day.

I went back to Lake Burley Griffin on Saturday, April 16, to do a few shots of an Ice Dragons training session. When I got there Ice Dragons President Andrew Churches told me it was a regatta on and he had forgot to tell me about it. Nevertheless, it worked out pretty good because I got some good shots of them warming up.

The scary thing this day was doing the piece to camera. I had to time it perfectly so the boats came into the shot in the background while I was talking. I think I did alright. Definitely not easy but it was good practice.

When I started editing my story I realised that I had filmed in different formats on the two separate occasions. This is not good. However, I think it worked out alright in the end, or I’m hoping so. I guess I will find this out at the peer review in our tutorial tomorrow.

It’s been a great experience to do this type of assignment but it takes a lot of work to make it great. I’m hoping for a good review tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!

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