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Timeline: Natalie Randolph named head football coach of Calvin Coolidge Senior High School (2010)

The news of Natalie Randolph being named head coach of Calvin Coolidge was broken by The Washington Post on 11 March 2010. Randolph was not formally named head coach until the day after, on the 12th. But The Washington Post had their inside sources.

The second article on this topic was published on the CNN website. The funny thing is that the CNN article was published on the same day as the article in The Washington Post but in the CNN article it says:

A high school in Washington, D.C., on Friday named a former women’s professional football player as its head varsity football coach… .

So the date on this article might be wrong because Thursday 11 March is the day before Randolph was formally named head coach. However, the story got recommended by nearly 6,000 on Facebook.

On Friday 12 March three stories got publish. NPR, weplay and DCist all published stories about Randolph being named head coach. NPR is the media outlet with the most readers of the three, which is reflected in the number of sharing and comments.

Other media outlets discussed and published stories about Randolph in the days after the announcement on 12 March.

13 March: SodaHead (opinion)

15 March: BlackAmericaWeb.com

16 March: ABC (video) & CBS (video)

17 March: National Women’s Law Center & Chick Talk Dallas

The reason why this topic was so popular at the time was because Randolph is a woman and not many women if any had done this in the USA before. So it was a breakthrough for women in a very male dominated sport, as football is in America. Some asked if Randolph would be able to teach boys football. However, most comments and opinions were of the positive kind.

PS. I tried to make a timeline for a story with only one URL but it was impossible to trace it for more than two steps back. I made several attempts without any luck.


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