Who to follow in the area of women in leadership roles in sport?

In the area of women in leadership roles in sport it is important to follow The International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG). This group can be followed by a RSS feed, on Facebook or Twitter. After investigating their RSS feed, Facebook page and Twitter account I decided that the best option was to sign up to their RSS feed. That’s where the information most relevant to my area of interest is posted.

Another important website to follow is Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC). They have a massive online library of research done in the area of sport which is out there on the web for anyone to access. This library is ongoing and gets updated as soon as SIRC find a relevant article. To be able to get my hands on the latest research done in the area of women in leadership roles in sport I need to search their library regularly. Unfortunately, they don’t have an RSS feed, and neither of their Facebook page, Twitter account and blog are much help.

To know what’s going on in my area of interest (women in leadership roles in sport) I need to follow government sporting websites like the Australian Sports Commission and UK Sport. Both of these websites have RSS feeds but most of what you receive via this service are regular sports news. You need to visit the websites and search for information in your area of interest to actually get this information.

There are a few scholars writing about my area of interest but they don’t seem to be using social media, so it’s hard to follow them online. You can only track the articles they are publishing which is disappointing.

Another clever thing to do is to subscribe to the International Journal of Sport Management if you can afford it (not online).


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