Women in leadership roles in sport

There are not enough women in leadership roles in sport. The Crawford Report, The Future of Sport in Australia, from 2009 said:

Women are under-represented in leadership roles, as coaches and administrators in sporting organisations. This is an opportunity missed in this extremely competitive sector. … With roughly the same number of participants in sport, it would be a realistic goal to have closer to 50 per cent representation of women in these leadership roles.

Women are not only under-represented in these roles in Australia but all over the world. There are just not enough women in decision-making and leadership roles in sport said Raija Mattila, co-chair of the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG).

There are organisations and governments around the world working to tackle this gender divide. But are they doing enough? Can something else be done?

I think we can do more. My idea is to compare and contrast what is being done around the world to tackle this gender divide. I also want to do profiles of women in leadership positions in sport to give the public a chance to go online and really see who these women are and what they are doing.

This will be an inspiring website for girls and young women to follow their passion for a leadership role in sport. Women need other women to look up to. They need role models.

This website will also list scholarships, grants, programs and tools that women can access if they want to get into a leadership position in sport. These lists will make it easier for women to know what’s out there.


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