Publishers of Women Sport in Australia

Sporting Sheilas is a website promoting Australia’s women’s national sport teams. They have their own Facebook page, their own YouTube channel and they are using to bookmark news articles they find on the web.

Last liked video of Sporting Sheilas on YouTube.

Sporting Sheilas also have their own blog but this hasn’t been updated since 14 February 2010. Their blog Women’s Sport Blog has very few comments. Most of the posts have no comments what so ever. This may have been a wake up call for the people writing the blog. What’s the point in writing a blog if no one reads it? Or maybe they had a few readers but no one was willing to start a discussion about the topics raised.

It looks like Sporting Sheilas understood that there was no point in updating their blog. So instead they spent their time updating their Facebook page and bookmarking news articles using They figured out that this was what their audience wanted.

The Women’s Game is a website promoting women’s football (soccer) in Australian and overseas. At the moment they are upgrading their website and will re-launch it early in September. They also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. It is their Twitter account they are using to give their audience the latest news. They have their Twitter account connected to their Facebook page so all their tweets go up on their Facebook page as well. This is very clever because you get your content published on two separate media outlets by only writing it once. Timesaving!

It’s important to interact with your audience and that’s what The Women’s Game is doing on Twitter. You also have to think about using different platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Bookmarking articles on the web is a good way of facilitating your audience.



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4 responses to “Publishers of Women Sport in Australia

  1. Hey! I look after the Sporting Sheilas website and am currently undergoing a redesign. I have been doing it in my spare time for years and because of that, I ended up getting a paid gig with Sports Hydrant working on Sport for Women Day. I also do the official Matildas twitter account (unpaid) and work on the Women’s Game website (unpaid). You’re right about FB and delicious being where the energy went, that’s where the fans were!

    So yeah, watch for a relaunch shortly, it’s coming!

    I’m off to read more of your blog…

  2. Thanks for your comment, Danielle.

    I will be keeping an eye on the Sporting Sheilas website. Looking forward to the relaunch.

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