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A Day in the Life of Johnno/Pixie Darling

Ella Fisher, Michael Minns and I want to follow Johnno alias Pixie Darling for a day. To see him changing from being Johnno, who works at Bing Lee, to drag queen Pixie Darling.

This is a human interest story. We haven’t really found a very newsworthy angle yet but we’re hoping to get there when we talk to Johnno/Pixie Darling.

Our plan is to capture both pictures and video when we’re out in the field. We definitely want to use colour pictures and video, not black and white shots.

Creator MikeBlogs

For the audio we’re planning to use interviews with Johnno/Pixie Darling and we may use some music if we can get hold of something without copyright issues.

We want to make a fun and exciting multimedia slideshow with lots of colourful pictures, and maybe some video. There are too many boring slidshows out there. We feel like we need to change this, and show the world that slidshows can be funny and entertaining.

Ella and I went to Gender Bender at University of Canberra a few weeks ago where we met Pixie Darling. We knew drag queens were going to attend and preform at Gender Bender but Pixie Darling just blew us away.

When we met her she asked if we had a microphone she could use, so she could interview people walking the red carpet. The red carpet was a blanket next to the door when you walked in. So not very exciting. But when Pixie Darling got a microphone it suddenly turned interesting.

She asked everyone what they were wearing, hit on guys (dressed as girls of course), posed in pictured and just had a blast. The event went from boring to awesome.

Pixie Darling was very open and outspoken, so I think she will be a great talent for our slideshow. I have a good feeling about this.

Pixie Darling on the Red Carpet


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