Sports Journalism – Reflection on radio stories

1st Story

My first story was in an “Q and A” format. My research for this story was not good enough. I started too late to figure out what I wanted to do and ended up with covering a pre-season game between Canberra FC and Sutherland Sharks from Sydney.

On the Wednesday before the game I sent the president of Canberra FC an email enquiring about doing interviews with the coach and players after the game. The club replied and said it was fine for me to come along.

But when I got there on the weekend and the game was finished, which Canberra FC lost 2-3. None of the players were keen on talking to me. The coach was a good sport though and answered my questions.

Canberra FC (red & white) v Sutherland Sharks (blue & white) at Deakin Stadium in Canberra

Since none of the players was talking to me I had to improvise and change my story angle. So I interviewed the Sharks’ coach. I had to do this unprepared and it didn’t turn out too good because I didn’t think about the UCFM’s audience when I was doing the interview. A local audience doesn’t care about what expectations a Sydney team has for their season in Sydney. They want to know what the Sydney coach thinks about Canberra FC, their local team.

What I have learnt from this is that things don’t always go as planned, so you may have to improvise and think on your feet. This means you should always be prepared for making changes, and you should always think about what your audience wants.

2nd Story

My second story was a package about the new leadership program Capital Football has developed for women. This story was much better than my first one.

Why? Because I started earlier and my talents were excellent. Good research + good talents = good story.

My script was alright but I didn’t have enough background on the program at the start of my script. Sometimes when I write I forget that my audience don’t know everything that I do. So I have to be better at explaining things and not assume that the audience know everything I do.

Other than that I just have to work on how I express myself when I write English. My English isn’t bad but sometimes I know that I could write sentences differently and they would sound better. But in that moment I can’t think of how. It can be really frustrating.

In the end, the only thing I can do is to keep writing. After all, you don’t improve if you don’t keep trying.


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